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Q.What is the Botanical Name of Neem Tree? Botanical Name of Neem Tree is Azadirachta indica A. Juss, also know as Margosa in common English.

Q.Why Neem is getting so popular in Agrochemical all of a sudden? Indians are using Neem from centuries in agriculture and house hold. Commercialization of Neem oil has uplifted unorganized supplies and manufacturing, resulting to turn it as an Industry. Research and Education are playing a major role in popularizing Neem in agrochemical, specially when agriculture world is searching for a better alternate of chemical pesticides to save environment and restore soil productivity.Neem is proving to be the most ideal natural or organic pesticides for Organic Farming.

Q.What is Azadirachtin? Azadirachtin is a compound belonging to the limonoids, a secondary metabolite present in the Neem tree seeds. It is now known to affect over 200 species of insect, by acting as antifeedant and growth disruptor. Azadirachtin is biodegradable and is safe to mammals.

Q.Why shall I purchase neem oil from an original manufacturer? Original Neem Oil manufacturer have a good flow of Neem Oil and you get fresh one, where as traders might not have this edge over.

Q.Neem oil smells not good, do you have any option? Yes! We do have an option to mask the unpleseant smell of Neem Oil. We can offer Neem Oil with refreshing aroma of natural essential oil.

Q.Why pests and insects are not resistant to neem oil? Neem Oil contains multiple active ingredient in different concentration that act simultaneously, thus make development of resistance virtually impossible for pests and insects.

Q.How neem oil is economical to other botanical pesticides/insecticides? Neem Oil is derived from Neem Tree, which are freely available in millions of acres in India. Various parts of neem have established safety and utility for different neem products, thus they are increasing their presence further. Such abundance availibility and Technology when matched promise and deliver the most economical and effective pesticide.

Q.How neem pesticides are better than chemical pesticide? Neem oil based pesticides scores over chemical pesticides in many ways. Few of them are :

  • Resistance : Pest and Insects can not develop resistance again neem based pesticides.
  • Eco friendly : Neem based pesticides are eco friendly as compared to their counter part chemical pesticides.
  • No residue : Neem Oil based pesticide are residue free.
  • Broad Spectrum : Neem Oil based pesticides are effective against more than 600 types of insects and pests.
  • MHI 3 Days : Neem based pesticides have MHI of just three days.
  • Economical : Contrary to belief, this organic pesticide are very ecnomical.
  • Effective : Chemical Pesticides fails on egg, where neem based pesticides are very effective on eggs of harmful pests.

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